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My senior project will be a mixed media, predominantly stop motion piece inspired by a firsthand account of the emotional journey felt by a victim of childhood sexual abuse.

Each of these storyboards is representative of one emotion. Inspired by motifs from Surrealist art, I hope to capture the essence of this traumatic and uncanny, yet beautiful emotional journey.

This project is a work in progress.

Click each image to enlarge and reveal which emotion word it is representing.

A Trust.png
D Confusion.PNG
G Secrecy.PNG
J Release.png
M Depression.png
P Freedom.png
B Violation.png
E Shame.PNG
H Isolation.PNG
K Anger.PNG
N Acceptance.png
Q Peace 2.png
C Arousal.PNG
F Guilt.PNG
I Building Up.PNG
L Compartmentalization.PNG
O Healing.png
R Joy.png


CoMotion is a motion media conference held annually by SCAD. This event is student run by our MOME Love club, and each year there is a competition to choose the theme and branding for the event. This was my pitch for the 2021 CoMotion branding competition.

The theme for this pitch is "turning lemons into lemonade," referencing our current situation in dealing with the pandemic. The central character is Limona, a lemon who initially struggled with the quarantined life, but ultimately used her free time to take up new productive hobbies and ended up discovering her newfound passion for motion graphics design.

Below you will find storyboards and a style-frame for the conference's title sequence, as well as mock-ups of other branding assets.

Click each image to enlarge and see more information.

Story Board I.png
Story Board J.png
Story Board K.png
Story Board L.png
Story Board M.png
Story Board N.png
Untitled_Artwork 82.png
Comotion Logo Final Hat Hair.png
Mask Final Plain-01.png
Fanny Pack Stand-01.png
Sweats Final Stand-01.png
Tshirt Final Hang-01.png


"Easter Egg" is the concept for a magazine geared towards women who game. The goal of this theoretical magazine is to provide an inclusive, open platform of discourse for gamers of all underrepresented groups, but especially women. Most current video game print publications target men as their audience, which leaves a massive woman-sized hole in this market.

For the visual personality, I decided to shy away from the usual dark, saturated hues commonly associated with gaming aesthetics and focus on pastel colors. This created a visual system that was cohesive with the name of the publication, "Easter Egg."

Below are mock-ups for various spreads throughout the magazine.

Click to enlarge and see more information.

PRINT H-02.png
PRINT B-01.png
PRINT F-01.png
PRINT G-01.png
PRINT I-02.png
PRINT E-02.png
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